Take the Beck Anxiety Inventory Test Today

Evaluation of one's anxiety level is possible with the beck anxiety inventory test. During the test, one has to rate his answers according to the feelings he experienced the week before. The test will measure his anxiety levels.

During the test, the respondent can select an answer from four choices:

* Not at all

* Mildly ("but it doesn't affect me much")

* Moderately ("it was unpleasant at times"), and

* Severely ("it bothered me greatly").

These answers are ascribed by the respondent according to the specific symptoms described in the inventory questions, such as muscle tension and tingling sensations, feelings of dread, hot or cold sweats, and so on.

Every answer comes with a corresponding rating. The total sum of the ratings is then used to measure the respondent's anxiety level. The highest possible score is 36. A score that is in the range of 0 to 7 reflects very low anxiety levels. Any score that is higher than 26 indicates a very high level and serious case of anxiety.

The Questions in the Inventory

The following includes the list of symptoms of anxiety asked in the Beck inventory. Review them individually and choose one of the answers, 1 being "Not at all", 2 "Mildly", 3 "Moderately" and 4 "Severely".

1. Feeling hot
2. Muscle numbness or tingling
3. Feeling unable to relax
4. Dizzy or light headed
5. Feeling wobbly in the legs
6. Feeling unsteady
7. Heart racing or pounding
8. Nervousness
9. Choking feeling
10. Trembling hands
11. Unsteadiness
12. Terror or fear
13. Afraid of losing control
14. Indigestion
15. Flushed face
16. Hot or cold sweats
17. Feeling scared
18. Having laborious breathing
19. Feeling the fear of dying
20. Feeling like the worst is happening
21. Feeling faint

Once you rate the symptoms, add the scores together.

Interpretation of Scores

A score that is in the range of 0 to 7 reflects a low anxiety level, which can be a positive thing. However, it may also suggest that one is living in denial or has an unrealistic view of his life. A low score may also reflect the possibility that one is detached from the world, himself and his loved ones.

A middle score of 8 to 21 means that the respondent is suffering moderate anxiety level. It can be interpreted that your body is trying to signal you to a situation. There are many situations that can bring about a heightened sense of anxiety, such as taking centre stage or speaking publicly, during school examinations or even during moments when one has to be intimate with another person. There are several calming techniques that one can use to revert to his normal state of mind.

A score that is over 22 points indicates that the respondent has a very high anxiety level, and immediate action must be taken. High anxiety levels do not translate to mean that one is a failure or mentally challenged or ill. It does require the said person to take charge and stop an end to his condition. If not, the anxiety disorder will aggravate and be detrimental to your health. Where a cure is concerned, medication and therapy are one's best options.

Taking the Beck anxiety inventory test is easy and provides relatively accurate results about stress and anxiety levels. The inventory can be retaken at different periods of time to view one's progress with dealing with their anxiety issues.